The Valley Floor

by The Valley Floor

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released December 21, 2008

This album was recorded by Micol Cazzell in the homes and hallways of the musicians who appear on it. We would like to thank Chris Haupt, Daniel Joseph Kennard, Sarah Cazzell, The Vick Family, and The Cazzell Family for being a part of this record.



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The Valley Floor Manteca, California

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Track Name: Jonathan Sarenana - I Won't Die
I'm just a boy lost in this
Big, big world
And I have no sense
Of direction on
These lonely walks
These cold, cold walks

But I want to show you
What it's like to live
But I want to show you
What it's like to die

I'm at the age of 17
Going on 18
And I have no sense
Or so it seems
I'm going to die at the age of 28

But I won't die
I will live on
Track Name: Travis Vick - Fenland
Gone are the ghost - men's whispers in my ears
The night came, & my father disappeared.
Into a black boat in a river of tears
and then he capsized - underwater 50 years.

With her pink wizard's moon she can see light in my eye
laughing with the demon moon whos glare fills up the sky
That they haven't killed me yet, I don't know why
But my father's face I wont forget 'till I die.

(Gonna watch him forget my name)
Track Name: Micol Cazzell - Like Embers In Ashes
She sat in a chair by the window and stared at the world
That was rolling by.
She left without warning on a train bound for Portland
Beneath a steel gray sky.

Her mind was in shambles by the light of a candle as she
Searched for a silent good - bye,
To her mother and sister who never would miss her
For they both saw the world through closed eyes

Now rain knocks the window, that cold lonely pillow
And the sun soon will go out to hide.
The wilderness passes like embers in ashes,
A farewell to a world gone awry.

Her dreams soft and somber with no path for to wander
Will all turn to dust come sunrise.
For now she is lost there in the still of the night air
To wait for the moon's turning tide.
Track Name: Travis Vick - Writ
After fighting wars with flames &
smoke, you kick down doors just
to save a cat or two

You come home & fight more, the
cash you earn straight to the store
to feed a mouth that came from you

Some call you captain, but me I
Know your real name. It's full
of love & also pain.

After turning 10 years old, your only
son had sold his soul & learned to
turn a tune or two.

These words are all in code, but deep
down I think you'll know this
tune was writ for you. You always do.


D, Am, Bb, Bmin, A, G
Track Name: Micol Cazzell - Trinkets
Seven days out from port, the hull sprung a leak.
Taking on water fast, with no time for to speak.
Abandon ship the captain cried, as he held his heavy head.
With a tear in his eye, and belly full of lead.

Though he trusted his first mate, he couldn't help but feel betrayed.
There he left the helm to him, and there now it would stay.
Into the deep blue of the sea, filled with brine and overgrown with weeds.
Where the sound is all turned down, and the bottom feeders feed.

What's lost is lost and gone for good, when your heart is made of wood.
A splintered knot is all you got, no questions asked it's understood.
But what do you see wont you tell me, at the bottom of the sea?
Are there shipwreck trinkets for your greed, or did you do it all for free?
Track Name: Jonathan Sarenana - The Past
It was only a quarter to 9
I just couldn't find myself today
I just got lost out in the
Hey there miss could you help
Me out I got filled with this doubt
And can't swim no more
All of this and I'm still bored.

I woke up to a screaming voice
I just couldn't tell where that noise
Came from, was it from your mothers
Room? Where I was your eyes tears
I get filled with this fear and just don't
Bother. There's always something more
Dear to me there was more to see
Something more to be, than this
Old hack who gave up his sack
For all this

And you, you held the
Clue to all of my blues
To all of my blues
And you, said it ends soon
It was all up to you.

Me I gave a surprising shout I had
Finally found out it was you who
Nailed the needles down, but then
Failed to see, the true me, the
Blinding sea it distracted you.

It gave you all the wrong moves.
Track Name: Micol Cazzell - Grandfather Clock
Gold and silver
Can not mend the day.
They are but a whisper
That sounds when you've lost your way.

That crashing, flashing sound
Of poison in the well.

My friends you have fallen
From the sound of the music.
The sound of the blossom
From whence we all came.

Our tree is dying.
It's trunk is dry, it's roots are rotting in the ground.

I know my time's done gone by.
It passed before my grandfather died.
My clock is out of time.
It's face is young, but it's soul is old.
Track Name: Jonathan Sarenana - This Time Around
I know we've got a long way to go
These crooked paths they throw us
Off of the maps, but baby could
You please hold on there are many
Things that could go wrong. If we
Step carefully we will soon be free.

I know it's unfortunate now, I've been
Caught up. How long till I'm out I
Don't know I don't even have a clue
I'm lost in your eyes but can't step
Through the fire to you.

Now I don't like this but I like you
So I must take it the way it came
So I must take you the way you came
This time around

And I see you walk around your
Town with that frown of your face
You don't need that kind of disgrace
You should move on, move on towards
Me you could live for free, I'll give
You everything. I know that you want
It now but these damn cards, I've
got too many to hold, and I just can't
let go.
Track Name: Travis Vick - Xavier
(empty my lungs!)

Water is bublin' as I'm burning at the sides.
& I'm waiting for the day trip to disconnect
My mind....

Xavier & Snowcap all help me find some peace
But it's short lived & useless, 'cause it leaves
Me on my knees

Dreaming without sleeping,
Now I don't wish I was

And then I wake up, barely breathing,
With the madness in my head